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Virtual reality in gaming

Virtual reality is a technology that creates an interactive environment alongside a real experience for people. This experience is created by a set of computer systems. Virtual reality helps the user to feel its presence in a virtual world through devices and equipment. This is a 3D environment that allows the user to easily communicate with the surrounding environment and the objects in it.

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In this article from the Marlikup website, we will examine the use of virtual reality in game development. Marlikup is one of the best virtual reality companies in Iran. For more information, visit the main page of the Marlikup website.

Introducing virtual reality

Virtual reality in game development and its usage is a topic that we will examine in this article. Virtual reality is a computer simulator. By creating a 3D environment for the user, this simulator allows to interact physically or realistically with the environment.

The impact of virtual reality in game development
virtual reality

This environment creates a real feeling and experience in the user and increases interaction with the environment. In fact, when using VR, unlike other gaming devices, the user is not just a spectator, but an active person in the game environment.

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A short history of virtual reality in gaming

The history of virtual reality in gaming dates back to the 1990s. This issue has been studied by people for several years. In fact, virtual reality in gaming entered the world at the same time as advanced computers. In 1995, the first virtual reality glasses were made by Nintendo and entered the market The successes obtained from the launch of these virtual reality glasses were very limited.

Virtual reality in gaming
The history of virtual reality in gaming

Examining the history of virtual reality in gaming clearly shows the speed of development of this industry in today’s world. So that today the virtual reality industry has become one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world.

Effects of virtual reality in game development


Enhanced reality experience

Virtual reality has many effects in game development. One of the most important effects is increasing the sense of realness of the game. In fact, virtual reality helps a person to experience a real feeling in the virtual world. In this situation, a person has the ability to touch objects, look, hear and fully interact with the game environment. The realness of the game and the sense of physical presence in the virtual world multiply its excitement.

virtual reality
The impact of virtual reality in game development

Making creative and new games

Virtual reality has had a unique impact on gaming. Among them, we can mention the creation of new games. Virtual reality has created this option for game designers to create more creative and different games. This was not possible to make these games before the advent of VR glasses.

Interaction of gamers with each other

Virtual reality in gaming creates an interesting social experience for people. so that gamers can be together even though they are not in a physical environment; interact with each other in the game world and have an exciting game experience.

Usable for people with disability

Virtual reality in game development has increased the access of disability people to games and even creates the conditions for them to have more exciting experiences of games with newer methods. For example, people who have movement or vision disorders and cannot normally play many games; With the help of virtual reality, they get an interesting experience of games.

The popularity of electronic competitions

Virtual reality has made it possible to play games like sports competitions in a non-physical world with the help of glasses. The name of this world can be called electronic sports, which is increasing in popularity day by day with the help of virtual reality in gaming. The remarkable thing is that in this game there is a high conflict between the players on the field and excitement among the spectators at the same time.

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Take a look at the most popular virtual reality games

I Expect You to pie2

The mentioned game is one of the James Bond simulators. In this game, you play the role of an international super spy to destroy a criminal organization. This game can be compared to an escape room where you have to avoid missiles and deflect lasers that are hidden.

Job Simulator

It is one of the popular virtual reality games which is cartoon and funny. In this game, you play different jobs and interact with people and objects around you.


The game is played in third person perspective. As the player is accompanied by a small mouse and enters an exciting world with interesting adventures. In fact, this game is a combination of all kinds of riddles and puzzles.

superhot VR

This game is considered one of the most minimalist and popular virtual reality games. It is also an action and exciting game. In this game, the player must fight the enemy professionally. Proper timing and reflexes are the most important factors of victory in this game.

Resident Evil 4 VR

This game is one of the most popular virtual reality games that has a horror genre. The task of the user in this game is to save the daughter of the president of the United States from wild animals.

Beat saber

This game is a rhythmic and action game that has many fans. In this game, the user holds two game consoles and feels itself in the 3D environment of the game. then cuts musical notes with lightsabers. Music, color and speed create an exciting experience for the player.

The impact of virtual reality in game development
The most popular virtual reality game
last words

Virtual reality has many effects in game development, which we mentioned throughout the article. The presence of this technology in the gaming industry has undoubtedly created great changes in the field of entertainment for people.

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