Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality company
Virtual reality is a modern technology that allows users to interact with each other and live in 3D environments in the virtual world. Virtual reality company
This technology was first introduced in the 1990s and has advanced dramatically since then. By advancement of technology, virtual reality is also used as a tool for entertainment and has many fans in video games. Virtual reality company

شرکت واقعیت مجازی

The most important usages virtual reality

Video games

Virtual reality is recognized as a very important tool in the video game industry. By using virtual reality, players can play in 3D environments and gain new experiences.

شرکت واقعیت مجازی

Scientific research

Virtual reality plays a very significant role in scientific research. By using virtual reality, researchers can investigate different issues in 3D environments and obtain more accurate results. . For example, in medical research, researchers can examine body parts in virtual reality in 3D environments and provide more accurate diagnosis and better treatment for patients. Virtual reality company

واقعیت مجازی

construction industry

After introduction of virtual reality in the construction industry, significant developments and changes took place. By using virtual reality, engineers and architects can examine building details in 3D environments and obtain more accurate results. This technology allows engineers and architects to use high-quality and suitable materials for the construction of buildings and to be aware of possible errors in the project. On the other hand, virtual reality allows engineers to be aware of work defects. Virtual reality company

واقعیت افزوده در معماری

automobile industry

The use of virtual reality in the automotive industry has become extremely popular due to its many advantages. This technology allows car manufacturing companies to check the car in the virtual reality environment before starting production and fix its problems before starting production.

Also, by using virtual reality, automotive companies can examine car details in 3D environments and obtain more accurate results. Furthermore, it provides a platform to use high-quality and suitable materials for the production of cars to reduce possible errors in production. Virtual reality company

واقعیت مجازی در صنعت خوردو

The best Games of made by virtual reality

is a rhythmic and popular game where players have to break moving blocks in virtual reality mirrors using two lightsabers in sync with the music.

Superhot VR

An action-adventure game in which players, as a person in a virtual reality world, must attack their enemies with strategy.

Job Simulator

A work simulator adventure game where players perform various tasks as a robot in a virtual reality world. Virtual reality company

Vader Immortal

An action-adventure game in which players fight against their enemies as a new lord of the Empire Kingdom era. Virtual reality company

Virtual reality company

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