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Virtual reality and its application

The experience of traveling to the virtual world that you have seen in your computer games must be very heartwarming and exciting, and even once you have thought about it in your head, but how is such a thing possible? The answer to this question is in the concept of virtual reality; That is, the interaction of people with an artificial space, so that the history of using this concept was recorded in 1962 by a device called Sensorama, which was similar to virtual reality.

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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the concept of virtual reality and its applications. Marlikup is one of the best virtual reality companies in Iran, ready to provide all kinds of services in this field. Get in touch with our virtual reality experts for free consultation.

What is virtual reality?

virtual reality
Virtual reality and its application 8

Nowadays, different environments are simulated by VR technology. In virtual reality, a person can interact with his desired environment without traditional intermediaries and enter a three-dimensional place of what he saw on his computer screen.

The five human senses are simulated by the computer to enter the virtual world, but there are a series of limitations in virtual reality, the cost of data processing and access to content is one of the most obvious obstacles to experience more reality. With the presence of special glasses and its use on the eyes, every person can look left, right or up and down so that feels itself presence in that world.

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Mixed reality

What is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?

The best explanation that can be given about virtual reality and augmented reality is to compare them to two sides of a coin. In virtual reality, simulation is done for the real world, but in augmented reality, an artificial object is simulated in the real world. What is placed in the physical environment instead of the camera is the position of the user’s eyes in the virtual environment, and it is noteworthy that special sensors and algorithms are used in virtual reality. The images in the camera change with the change of the user’s head and this technology provides user interaction with the simulated environment instead of combining virtual objects with the real world.

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Augmented Reality

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How does virtual reality work?

The two words real and virtual form the concept of virtual reality. That is, simulation technology can create an experience close to reality for people in an artificial environment and cause the person to interact and communicate with this virtual environment. Through special tools such as glasses, headsets and gloves, virtual reality can create a virtual world in which the user experiences a sense of reality and communicates with it well, so that he or she thinks that the environment is completely real.

virtual reality
Virtual reality in game

With the presence of 5 senses such as taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing, every human can understand the feeling of the surrounding environment and have a complete balance in it.

The brain processes the inputs collected from the 5 senses to clarify the interpretation of the surrounding environment for each person. Virtual reality technology creates an illusory environment for humans to give the necessary senses to the person by giving artificial information of that environment and make them believe that everything is real.

In virtual reality, the events are considered so close, immediate and real for the user that it even causes your body to interact with that virtual environment. To achieve the desired result in the creation of virtual reality and the increasing progress of your business, contact Marlikup’s professional consultants from the support section of this site.

Applications of virtual reality

The impact of virtual reality in game development
Applications of virtual reality


Do you like traveling to the Amazon jungle or sightseeing in Niagara Falls? Perhaps one of the most common examples of virtual reality is 360 videos, which means many tourist places can be visited without time or place restrictions. Different and free applications have been offered in this field. Some museums have also been able to offer a new approach through this technology so that people can gain a new experience through a virtual tour without physical visiting. The British Museum in London and the American Museum of Natural History are among those museums that have provided the possibility of VR visits for visitors.


Gaming and entertainment is one of the fields that virtual reality is known for and is very popular. This area has expanded a lot and is being improved and changed in cases such as museums, galleries, exhibitions, theaters and parks.

It is interesting that with the headset you can play some games in a simulated way using your computer at home, for example, you can experience playing with a racket on a tennis court with VR technology at home. By putting the headset on your eyes and hitting the ball with sensor rackets, you will experience the feeling of a real sport.


VR technology has come to the aid of people in various sports such as bodybuilding, golf, skiing and cycling. Analyzing and reviewing games by coaches or helping them in their training is one of the applications of this technology in sports.


One of the most important issues for doctors and nurses is to diagnose the location of pain, and this has caused many people to die in one day due to medical mistakes. With the help of VR technology, a lot of progress has been made in the field of healthcare. With the help of this technology, scans and 3D models are taken from the patient and the location of the pain is identified by that, and finally the best treatment methods are suggested for a patient. Even with the help of virtual reality, surgeons can perform heavy surgeries easily. It is also possible to treat many phobias with the help of this technology.

Astronomy and aerospace

Traveling to space and other planets is one of the dreams that mankind has always had, which has not been possible until now due to many limitations. Propulsion NASA’s Propulsion Laboratory in collaboration with Oculus have been able to control robots with the help of Xbox and Kinect 2, and soon we will see them in space stations. Also, getting to know stars and different galaxies with 3D models for students is one of the other uses of VR in astronomy.

Real estate company

Many people get tired after visiting several buildings. VR technology allows people to visit many places by spending less energy and money and it becomes much easier to choose and buy a house. Currently, many real estates in America use 360-degree tours to visit the interior of a building.


Another application of virtual reality technology is simulation and training. For example, people who want to get a driver’s license but are worried about road accidents at the beginning of their training are able to gain driving experience in a safe environment and get familiar with the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes with this technology. Also, with the help of this technology, difficult and complex educational issues can be easily taught to students so that they can learn the material better and faster than before.

Final words

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article. As it was said, it can be concluded that virtual reality is one of the advanced, useful and entertaining technologies, and even though the development of this technology has been seen more and more, there are still many questions in this field for the audience. In the next articles, we will definitely talk about the application of this technology in entertainment and business. Experience creating virtual reality with Marlikup in the shortest possible time today.

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