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Application of virtual reality in the tourism industry


Virtual reality is one of the greatest advancements of mankind in the current era, which has brought various changes and experiences to everyone by affecting the levels of life, and one of these important effects is the use of virtual reality in the tourism industry. With the introduction of this technology in tourism, it becomes easier to attract tourists, which is a bright future for this industry.

In this article of Marlikup website, one of the top-rated virtual and augmented reality development companies, we examine the applications of this industry in tourism.

Virtual reality and tourism

Currently, tourism is a lucrative and extensive industry, which with the introduction of virtual reality technology in this area, the desire to travel has multiplied for those interested and has created a revolution in people’s experience of tourism destinations.

Virtual reality allows its users to see new places and feel that they are there, which is an amazing experience for users of this field.

Virtual reality in the tourism industry (Marlikup)
Virtual reality in tourism

Application of virtual reality in the tourism industry

Today, virtual reality has a significant impact on tourism, and below we will discuss some of the applications of this technology in tourism:

virtual tour

By simulating a place in virtual reality, it is possible to make people travel in virtual form to places that they cannot visit, therefore they can gain the experience of being there, or to visit natural attractions and facilities before traveling. The virtual reality tour does not require huge costs and can be easily available to everyone, which makes it possible for different people to experience it.

This is one of the most obvious applications of virtual reality in the tourism industry, which gives tourists the opportunity to travel to different cities and countries virtually and visit far places.

Virtual reality in the tourism industry (Marlikup)
Virtual reality in tourism

Visiting museums and protected places

The benefits of virtual reality in the tourism industry

Environmental Protection

One of the interesting features of this type of travel is the preservation of natural resources and historical monuments, which causes less damage to the environment.

Flexibility and leeway

In virtual trips, the user can visit far cities at any time without having to travel many kilometers.

Reduction in Costs

Of course, the cost of virtual trips is much lower than a real trip, and there is an opportunity that some activities and visits can be done for free, and it is possible to see and experience many areas or museums that have huge ticket costs for free.

It is true that traveling in virtual reality is an amazing and accessible experience, but it definitely cannot create all the facilities and accesses of a real trip, and it also has limitations for its users. However, it can have its variety and special applications in some cases and still has many positive effects in this field.

Virtual reality in the tourism industry (Marlikup)
Virtual reality in tourism

Virtual reality and destination marketing

In the tourism industry,the traditional marketing is to show photos and videos of the destination, this method is beneficial in turn, but it does not provide a real experience of the destinations. With the help of virtual reality, travelers have the opportunity to experience their travel destination in an all-encompassing way, and it gives them a sense of what it would be like to be physically present in that place.

This experience can double the interest of traveling to that destination and encourage users to book and travel. For example, by providing a preview of the environment, culture and attractions of that place, it helps the user to make an easier decision to travel to that place or not.

The future of the tourism industry with virtual reality

Virtual reality has the potential to change human travel and tourism methods and creates the opportunity to make virtual trips more interactive.

In the coming years and with the advancement of virtual reality technology, we can have virtual tours easily from our home or experience tourist destinations as if we were physically there. This type of experience can make travel possible for people who are not financially or physically ability.

One of the possible negative effects of virtual reality in the tourism and travel industry could be the fact that the demand for physical travel may decrease and have negative economic effects on popular tourist destinations. Also, using this modern technology to display tourist destinations can cause a lot of visits in some areas, which has adverse effects on the environment and causes damage.

However, there are various methods to reduce possible negative effects, and one of the methods is proper training on the effectiveness of virtual reality technology in tourism. This technology can be used to introduce more unknown places so that tourist traffic spreads in different areas not only in one place.

Virtual reality in the tourism industry (Marlikup)
Virtual reality in tourism

Final words

Every new technology has many positive and negative consequences, the important thing is how to take advantage of its positive points and prevent its negative consequences in future. The effects of virtual reality on various industries, especially tourism, are no exception to this rule, and as mentioned above, in addition to the positive and unique points that it has on this industry, there are also some significant negative points that must be dealt with by special measures.

In this article from the Marlikup website, we tried to introduce the applications of virtual reality in the tourism industry and examine all effects and aspects of this technology on tourism. You can contact our experts for consultation on virtual and augmented reality.

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