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4 of the best augmented reality glasses

4 of the best augmented reality glasses
You have heard a lot about virtual reality by now. But today we are going to talk a little about augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is actually a technology beyond virtual reality and you can see virtual elements in the real world using special AR glasses. In other words, in augmented reality, virtual and real worlds are combined in a completely natural way. Augmented reality glasses, like virtual reality glasses, have unique features for users.

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In this article from the Marlikup website, we introduce and review some of the best augmented reality glasses. Marlikup is one of the best virtual reality development companies, which was recently honored by the International Committee of the Red Cross for its cooperation with the Red Crescent Organization in the construction of the earthquake preparedness project in virtual reality. For more information, you can refer to the main page of the Marlikup website.

1. Lenovo ThinkReality A3 glasses

The Best Augmented Reality Glasses
Augmented Reality Glasses

ThinkReality A3 glasses are one of the glasses that use augmented reality platforms. Although these glasses aren’t the best in terms of screen size, refresh rate, or weight, they provide users advanced features with an easy-to-use interface.
Of course, it should be noted that these glasses show their best performance when connected to a Lenovo computer or laptop.

Unlike many augmented reality glasses, ThinkReality A3 has its own user interface to navigate between different options, which is activated when the glasses are connected to the Lenovo system.
As you know, Motorola is now a part of Lenovo, which is why you can use all the features of these glasses by connecting them to your Motorola phone.

Also, by connecting the ThinkReality A3 glasses to the Lenovo system, you can use it to set up a triple virtual monitor. Compared to the other glasses in the list below, the Lenovo glasses have a significant difference, and it’s the built-in 8-megapixel camera, which is considered a bonus. However, due to the relatively thick and bulky glasses of these glasses, their weight is 130 grams, which is heavier than the options in this list.

1. Suitable for users
2. Triple virtual monitor

1. Smaller screen
2. Relatively high weight

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2. TCL NXTWEAR S glasses

AR Glasses
4 of the best augmented reality glasses 7

Augmented Reality Glasses

TCL NXTWEAR S augmented reality glasses are one of the most affordable glasses you can buy in this field. Despite the relatively low price compared to other competitors, these glasses are equal to them in features. These glasses have a 200-inch screen and internal speakers.

TCL is one of the most famous manufacturers of TV screens and has used its experience in designing the screens of these glasses. Two OLED screens are embedded in these glasses, which increases the 201-inch vision and optimal image resolution. In fact, due to the color saturation produced by the displays, these glasses are perfect for watching movies or TV shows.

The glasses has internal quality speakers. However, if you want to have a better experience while using it, you need to use wireless headphones. Despite all these facilities and features, the weight of TCL NXTWEAR S glasses is only 89 grams. In this way, if you use these glasses a lot, you will not feel tired.

To connect the glasses to the computer and the phone, there is a cable inside the box, which is USB-C on one side and is connected to the glasses through POGO magnetic pins on the other side. If your phone or computer does not support this port, you can get an adapter from TCL that is compatible with your phone.

1. Magnetic cable
2. Excellent stereo speakers

1. Not having the option to set multiple monitors
2. Bad performance of TCL program

Marlikup is one of the best virtual reality companies that has a lot of experience in this field through its huge projects. You can contact the support of the website for more information and to view portfolios.

3. XREAL Air AR glasses

The best virtual reality glasses
Augmented Reality Glasses

The screen of the XREAL Air augmented reality glasses is the same size as the screen of the TCL NXTWEAR S, but it is 10 grams lighter than it, which makes it more comfortable during daily usage. Also, this glasses works better than TCL NXTWEAR S and provides a better augmented reality experience.

If you don’t want to connect XREAL Air glasses to a computer, you can use it by connecting to a phone or even a game console. Reviews show that these glasses also work well with the Steam Deck, which allows you to play the game on a larger screen.

Contrary to the TCL NXTWEAR, the XREAL Air glasses have a USB-C port on themselves. This feature ensures that if the cable inside the box get lost, you can easily buy another cable. But you should note that the TCL magnetic cable is safer, because it can be easily removed by pulling and prevents damage to the glass and its port due to the pulling cable or a sudden impact.

The price of these glasses is a little more expensive compared to TCL NXTWEAR S, although its more features justify this price difference. The refresh rate of these glasses is 90 Hz, which makes the game run very smoothly and without delay in scrolling.

1. Lighter body
2. 90 Hz refresh rate
3. Ability to set up 3 virtual monitors

1. Not having a magnetic cable

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4. Rokid Max AR glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses
Augmented Reality Glasses

The Rokid company is doing best to make its augmented reality glasses, because these glasses are lighter than other glasses and have a faster refresh rate, that’s why it can be used by different people and no one feel tired of it.

These augmented reality glasses also have a built-in lens adjuster that you can adjust based on your vision to get a clearer view of the images. Despite having this feature, Rokid Max glasses are lighter than XREAL Air and its weight is 75 grams and also supports 120 Hz refresh rate.

With the excellent features of these glasses, it can be concluded that if you use augmented reality technology quite a lot, these glasses can be a great choice for you. Interestingly, the screen used in these glasses is larger than TCL and XREAL and gives you a much better experience.

But with all these features, you need to use a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the glasses to your computer. Also, the speakers of these glasses are below than usual, which is why you should use wireless headphones to have a clearer sound. In addition, according to the reviews, the display of 3D content in these glasses is not very good, so if you don’t want a high refresh rate, XREAL Air is a more logical choice.

1. 120 Hz refresh rate
2. Less weight
3. Adjustable lenses

1. Average quality speakers
2. Undesirable 3D content

last words

In this article, we tried to introduce some of the best augmented reality glasses. We hope that the content of this article was useful for you and that you enjoyed reading it. Marlikup is one of the virtual reality development companies that provide the best possible quality according to the customer’s needs. For more information, you can refer to the main page of the site or contact us directly through support.

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