Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows users to experience a new event by combining real elements with virtual elements. In fact, in this technology, virtual elements are placed in the real world and users can interact with them.

To experience augmented reality technology, users need special AR glasses. By using glasses camera, the real elements of the surrounding world are depicted and then virtual elements are added to them using image processing algorithms.

10 Applications of Augmented Reality: 1. Realistic video games 2. Education and virtual training 3. Advertising and interactive marketing 4. Tourism and travel 5. Architectural and construction design 6. Medicine and medical education 7. Automobile manufacturing and production of industrial products 8. Educational games 9. Art and culture 10. Communication and social media

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Big companies in the world that use augmented reality

Google Inc

By introducing the ARCore platform, Google allows developers to create augmented reality applications for Android devices. Also, by introducing Google Lens, Google allows users to get more information about various objects around them using the device’s camera.

In 2017, with the introduction of iOS 11, Apple introduced augmented reality functionality in its iPhone and iPad devices. This feature allows users to combine real objects with virtual objects using the device’s camera. Also, Apple introduced ARKit, an augmented reality development platform for developers, which allows them to create applications using augmented reality for iOS devices.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft introduced HoloLens, an augmented reality device, which allows users to see and interact with virtual objects in the real world using augmented reality glasses.

Games of Augmented Reality

Pokemon GO

Pekemon Go is an attractive and legendary game released in 2016 by Niantic on iOS and Android platforms. This company offers games based on augmented reality to global markets. The most important factor for players to enjoy this game is the sense of nostalgia, which made the manufacturer earn a lot of money with this product.
At first, this game is free, but to progress quickly in different stages of the game, you have to pay a fee. This game was well received at the beginning of its release and recorded the fastest number of downloads on Google Play.


The Ingressgame was released in 2012 by Niantic, which has become very popular with gamers around the world since its launch. This game has an engaging theme that doubles the game’s popularity, and that theme is that scientists have discovered dark energy that can significantly affect people’s thinking power. .For this reason, people are divided into two categories: intellectuals and resistance forces.

Real Strike

This game has provided a completely real and natural environment for gamers, which has facilitated its popularity. In this game, there are 25 types of weapons to choose from, and it provides a lot of maneuverability and challenge for gamers. One of the attractive features of this game is recording the battles and sharing them. Real Strickgame is available on Apple phones with iOS 4.0 and above.

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If you are looking to find legendary ghosts, you can play this game. Augmented reality technology allows you to find extraterrestrial and unknown forces in your neighborhood and fight them with your creative weapon. This game is not only limited to shooting and players have to complete stages and earn rewards to upgrade their weapons.